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The 18th Challenge

The quality of work
is clearly at another
level since I was
a juror a couple of
years ago.

The world is
watching this

Chris Chapman
Hyundai America
Technical Center

I am very surprised
by the quality of
the work.

The average level
is so incredibly high
for the number
of people.”

Joji Nagashima
BMW Groupe Design

There is a
phenomenal array
of creativity on
display. The quality
level, the thought,
the understanding
and the interpretation
of the technology
and how that folds
into the aesthetics
from a design
perspective from all
over the world is what
Le Mans is all about.”

Tom Peters
General Motors

(My) first time on the
jury, and it’s quite
a super high level
of talent, so I’m really
impressed with that.
There were 40-50
really, really amazing
proposals with a very
high level of
creativity and thinking.”

Gilles Vidal
PSA Peugeot Citroën

Many of the designs
took on a holistic

From the cars to the
racing suits to how the
cars pit and the
graphics that were

They told a story.
It wasn’t just about
the race car.”

Craig Metros

I will tell you
it’s impressive.

Massive jobs they’ve
done and it was

The subject is difficult.
I’m quite surprised at the
level some of them are
really reconsidering
the full race.
It’s ambitious.”

Bertrand Barre
Groupe Zebra

Michelin Challenge
Design is an insight
into what the
landscape of the
world is towards
some specific
automotive related
subject. Many of these
designs showed how
you could improve
the brand of racing
and look for alternative
ways. Part of the
spirit of competition is
the human aspect.
The enjoyment of
driving will never
go away.”

Dave Marek
Honda R&D Americas, Inc

What I like about these
entries is they didn’t
tell a long story.

They let the images
tell the story.”

Richard Plavetich
Nissan Design America

We as jurors all agree
that this year’s
entrants were the
highest quality and
the most exciting ever.

We were looking for
something super
creative and artful
and at the same
time something
that would draw in
new science that
would be relevant
for future car

Stewart Reed
Jury Chairman &
Art Center College of Design