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Michelin Challenge Design

Video Excerpts from the May 2010 APA Panel Discussion:
Plus 10: The Best is Yet to Come!

John Moloney
Vice President of OE Marketing,
Michelin Americas
Opening Remarks, Michelin Challenge Design.
Panel Discussion
Segment 01 - Urbanization and ENV Vehicles.
Segment 02 - Urbanization / CCS Point of View.
Segment 03 - Megacities and Freeways in China.
Segment 04 - Exploring the Excitement of the Auto.
Segment 05 - California / Urban Strategies.
Segment 06 - Youth Market / Population Density.
Segment 07 - Urban Personal Transportation.
Segment 08 - Urban Japanese Youth Values.
Segment 09 - The Transportation Value Proposition.
Segment 10 - Mobility as a Service and Brand.
Segment 11 - Powertrains / Looking Back / Public Demand.
Segment 12 - QA: Size / Fuel / Interior.
Segment 13 - QA: Trains and Rapid Transit.
Segment 14 - QA: Aging Population.
Segment 15 - QA: Shared Components.
Segment 16 - QA: Safety.
Segment 17 - QA: Vehicle Sound Design and Engineering.
Segment 18 - QA: What Will be Considered Classics?

Jeff Gilbert John McElroy
Autoline Detroit / WWJ Radio, AM 950

  Panelists (left to right)
Robert Bauer Larry Erickson
Transportation Design Chair
College for Creative Studies
Bob Boniface Scott Strong
Ford Global Interiors
Moray Callum Phillip Zak
Chief Designer
Hyundai North America
Henrick Fisker Clay Dean
GM Advanced Design


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