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Michelin Challenge Design

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Full Size Vehicles on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™
1. image Venturi Volage
Entry: Venturi Volage
Design Team: Venturi
Country: Monaco


2. image Nissan MIXIM EV
Entry: Nissan MIXIM EV
Design Team: Nissan
Country: Japan
3. image La Jamais Contente
Entry: La Jamais Contente
Design Team: Cie Generale des Transports
Automobiles Jenatzy
Country: Original – Belgium
Replica - France           

Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. image Andrey Khrenov
Entry: “Universal City Truck”
Design Team: Andrey Khrenov & Alexander Fedotov
Country: Russia
2. image Eric Seung Hun Beak
Entry: “Ford Model T-40”
Design Team: Eric Seung Hun Beak
Country: USA
3. image Harry West Henriksen
Entry:  “Switch”
Design Team: Harry West Henriksen
Country: New Zealand
4. image Jukka Rautiainen
Entry: “MINILUX – Solar Electric Leisure Vehicle”
Design Team: Jukka Rautiainen
Country: Finland
5. image Robert Marvin         
Entry: “GRIDCharger”
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA
6. image Robert Marvin
Entry: “LEEP Racing Team”
Design Team: Robert Marvin
Country: USA
7. image Nathan Wills
Entry: "ESC4”
Design Team: Nathan Wills
Country: USA
8. image Gary Shiu
Entry: “Lexus New Zeitaku”
Design Team: Gary Shiu
Country: Hong Kong
9. image Gary Shiu
Entry: “Dainese D-Lanesplitter”
Design Team: Gary Shiu
Country: Hong Kong

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. image Young-Roh Yoon & Sung-Uk Kim
Entry: “Bungae”
Design Team: Young-Roh Yoon & Sung-Uk Kim
Country: South Korea
2. image Nikita Kalinin
Entry: “Skylon”
Design Team: Nikita Kalinin
Country: USA
3. image Anthony Jannarelly
Entry: “iMo”
Design Team: Anthony Jannarelly
Country: France
4. image Kristina Magnitskaya
Entry: “Vesna”
Design Team: Kristina Magnitskaya
Country: Russia
5. image Alexandros TH Katinis
Entry: "TRIGON (Personal City Electric Vehicle)”
Design Team:

ALTHEKA, Alexandros TH Katinis
(Designer Architect)
Kim Katinis
(Industrial Designer)

Country: Greece           
6. image Joao Miguel Dias
Entry: “Zeus”
Design Team: Joao Miguel Dias
Country: Portugal
7. image Arun Thomas
Entry: “The YOG”
Design Team: Arun Thomas
Country: India
8. image Dongil Kim
Entry: “Self-Recharging and
Safe Driving with Dot Tire”
Design Team: Dongil Kim
Country: South Korea
9. image Peixin Li
Entry: “NLPX”
Design Team: Peixin Li
Country: China
10. image Jaroslaw Koziel
Entry: “MAGLEO”
Design Team: Jaroslaw Koziel
Country: Poland
11. image David Gonçalves
Entry: “SCARAB”
Design Team: David Gonçalves
Country: Portugal
12. image Krasimir Emilov Asenov
Entry: “Roller Sphere”
Design Team: Krasimir Emilov Asenov
Country: Bulgaria
13. image Keegan McClain
Entry: “MC 2”
Design Team: Keegan McClain
Country: USA
14. image Aleshina Ekaterina & Kamyshev Vitaly
Entry: “Biway”
Design Team: Aleshina Ekaterina & Kamyshev Vitaly
Country: Russia
15. image Ho-young Joo
Entry: “E-Commuter”
Design Team: Ho-young Joo, Soo-han Cho, JinSeok Song
Country: South Korea
16. image Zhilei Chen
Entry: “Fracircle”
Design Team: Zhilei Chen
Country: China
17. image Jongpil Shin
Entry: “Mutation1”
Design Team: Jongpil Shin
Country: Germany
18. image Jason Ho
Entry: “Mesule Concept”
Design Team: Jason Ho
Country: USA
19. image Cristian Armando Polanco
Entry: “Aero”
Design Team: Cristian Polanco
Country: Guatemala
20. image Sergio Benjamin Luna Soto
Entry: “2028 One”
Design Team: Sergio Luna
Country: Mexico
21. image Thierry Dumaine
Entry: “Mo-Du-Lo”
Design Team: THDUDesign
Country: France
22. image Jung Hoon Kim
Entry: “P-Eco”
Design Team:

Jung Hoon Kim

Country: South Korea
23. image Goran Marinkovic
Entry: “SCARAB-E”
Design Team: Goran Marinkovic
Country: Serbia
24. image Sunil Kharat
Entry: “FLIP”
Design Team:

Sunil Kharat

Country: India
25. image Seong-Gu Colin Han
Entry: “Veil”
Design Team: Seong-Gu Colin Han
Country: South Korea
26. image Adriano Mudri
Entry: “Road Runner”
Design Team: Adriano Mudri
Country: Austria
27. image Ryu Sungyong
Entry: “Proteus”
Design Team: Ryu Sungyong
Country: South Korea


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