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Michelin Challenge Design

Video Excerpts from the May 2009 APA Panel Discussion:
Electric Vehicles & Design

Tom Chubb
Vice President of OE Marketing,
Michelin North America
Opening Remarks, Michelin Challenge Design.
Moray Callum
Executive Director of Design, Americas
Ford Motor Company
Electric Vehicle Design - Then and Now.
Panel Discussion
Segment 01 - Electric Vehicle Styling for Consumers.
Segment 02 - Electric Vehicles & Passionate Design.
Segment 03 - Public Perception of Electric Vehicles.
Segment 04 - EV Drivetrains, Cooling and Aero Factors.
Segment 05 - Classic Impact on New Design Forms.
Segment 06 - EV Occupant Safety Issues.
Segment 07 - Standardization and EV Battery Swaps.
Segment 08 - Ford Focus EV Design.
Segment 09 - Tires & Other Aerodynamic Factors.
Segment 10 - Charging the EVs.
Segment 11 - Consumers Desire EVs Without Compromise.
Segment 12 - Designer Impact on Battery Packaging.



Jeff Gilbert Jeff Gilbert
WWJ Radio, AM 950

CBS Radio Network
Robert Bauer Robert Bauer
Design Manager
Nissan Design America
, Inc.
Bob Boniface Bob Boniface
Director of Design - Exterior, Global Electric Vehicles
General Motors
Moray Callum Moray Callum
Executive Director of Design, Americas
Ford Motor Co.
Henrick Fisker Henrik Fisker
CEO & Director of Design
Fisker Automotive
Doug Frasher Doug Frasher
Design Manager
Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center


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