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Asked Questions
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Q. What is Michelin Challenge Design?
A. Michelin Challenge Design is a collection of events and activities reflecting Michelin North America’s interest in and commitment to innovative design.
Q. What are some examples of Michelin’s commitment to design?
A. Here in North America, Michelin supports the College for Creative Studies Design Competition; Michelin Challenge Design and the website in addition to other events and programs.
Q. Why is design important?
A. Design is central to the process of innovation. Design influences the marketplace.
Q. Why does Michelin care about design?
A. Michelin wants to assist in the evolution of transportation. Michelin’s corporate culture places a high value on design and innovation as important to consumer satisfaction and maintaining Michelin’s role as the industry leader.
Q. What is Michelin Challenge Design at NAIAS?
A. The Michelin Challenge Design at NAIAS is an innovative, international showcase for vehicle designers from around the world to present design work, which may otherwise not be shown, at the prestigious North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Q. What is the purpose of the Michelin Challenge Design at NAIAS?
A. To provide an opportunity for designers to present design work at the NAIAS that may not otherwise be shown.
Q. What was the theme for the Michelin Challenge Design 2013?
A. HALF! Lightweight with a Passion

As consumers and governments push for dramatic gains in fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is looking to design and develop lightweight next-generation vehicles.

Designers create the inspirational forms that drive desire for vehicle ownership, but they will also contribute to lightweight vehicle development through materials choices and using the most effective manufacturing techniques. Successful design relies on closer cooperation between design, engineering, manufacturing and planning than ever before.

For the 2013 Michelin Challenge Design, participants are asked to explore the potential of lightweight vehicle development by designing a family vehicle capable of transporting between four and six people. The vehicle must meet consumer demands for safety and comfort, be usable on the current road infrastructure, and be production feasible using materials, powertrain solutions, or manufacturing solutions that are in use today or in development for use in the foreseeable future.

Michelin is looking to recognize exciting and passionate designs that employ innovative vehicle architecture for weight reduction, without compromising safety or comfort. The vehicle's lightweight characteristics must extend to the tire/wheel assembly, including dimensional specifications and visual detail of the tire/wheel assembly.


Q. What is the theme for the Michelin Challenge Design at NAIAS in 2012?
A. City 2046: Art, Life and Ingenuity
Transforming Personal Mobility

Designers will be called upon to help address ever-growing urban transportation needs and global concerns for safety and efficiency, but beauty, elegance and innovation remain essential ingredients of automotive design. These have the power to drive the excitement of travel, passion for personal vehicles, and genuine harmony between vehicles and their environments.

For the 2012 Michelin Design Challenge, participants are challenged to design a personal, ground-based vehicle that can transport between 2 and 10 people at a time. Designers will choose Los Angeles, Mumbai, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, or Shanghai and design a vehicle to meet anticipated needs for that city in 2046.

In 2046, cities will offer many public and private options for transportation. We challenge you to create a vehicle that can inspire as well as transport.

Q. Who is eligible?
A. Transportation designers, including OEM and suppliers, studio designers, consultants, design schools, students and individual designers. (For more information, please see Rules & Procedures)
Q. How do I enter the Michelin Challenge Design?
A. Information is available on the Michelin Challenge Design web site at
Q. Who decides what is displayed at the Michelin Challenge Design-NAIAS?
A. A panel of international design professionals and teachers.
Q. Does Michelin ever get involved directly in vehicle design projects?
A. Michelin supplies concept tires for many of the OEM concept and show vehicles introduced each year. Michelin periodically partners with design studios in the creation of specific concept vehicles.
Q. Will Michelin provide financial support to entrants of the Michelin Challenge Design-NAIAS?
A. Michelin does not provide financial support to entries in the Michelin Challenge Design at NAIAS.
Q. Who can I contact if I have questions or need assistance?
A. Contact information is available at or contact us via email at
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