Advancing Mobility Through Design™

2014: College for Creative Studies Designs

Students explore Autonomous and Modular vehicle concepts.

For the 25th annual Michelin Challenge Design Fall program at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, Michelin asked students to explore the transition of Driven to Undriven.  Autonomy in vehicles is a hot topic in 2013, with technology possibly outpacing societal acceptance. As part of their class projects, students were required to explain the target vehicle owner, the mobility needs that each vehicle will meet, and describe a 24-hour usage cycle.

In addition, the vehicles must meet consumer demands for safety and comfort, be usable on the current road infrastructure, and be production feasible using materials, powertrain solutions, or manufacturing solutions that are in use today or in development for use in the foreseeable future. Each vehicle is also to include a lightweight tire/wheel assembly featuring a unique design and functional capabilities best suited for the application.

2014 Winners
1st place (Individual): Byungwan Kang
2nd place (individual): Dongsung Choi
3rd place (individual): Austin Cox
1st place (team): Modularity

The students’ proposals were judged by design leaders from major OEM’s, themselves all former CCS Michelin Design competition winners.

  • Michael Smith, Senior Automotive Designer, Ford Motor Company
  • John Norman, Principal Designer / Acura Interior Styling Manager, Honda R & D America
  • Addam Ebel, Senior Designer, General Motors

Team 1: Modularity – Winners 1st Team

Austin Cox | Byungwan Kang | Jae Chun Cho |  | Geum Wook Lee
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01_modularity_00_team 01_modularity_01_cox 01_modularity_02_kang 01_modularity_03_cho 01_modularity_04_lee
Modularity: Austin Cox
Winner: 3rd Individual

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Byungwan Kang
Winner: 1st Individual

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Jae Chun Cho Geum Wook Lee

Team 2: Stretch

Samuel Thetard | Carlos Gonzalez | Dongsung Choi |  Namwoo Kim
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02_stretch_00_team 02_stretch_01_thetard 02_stretch_02_gonzalez 02_stretch_03_choi 02_stretch_04_kim
Stretch: Samuel Thetard Carlos Gonzalez Dongsung Choi
Winner: 2nd Individual

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Namwoo Kim

Team 3: Transformer

Joshua Holly | Ming-Tsai Lin | Keunhyuk Choi | Eun Hye (Grace) Hong
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03_transformer_00_team 03_transformer_01_holly 03_transformer_02_lin 03_transformer_03_choi 03_transformer_04_hong
Transformer: Joshua Holly Keunhyuk Choi Ming-Tsai Lin Eun Hye (Grace) Hong

Team 4: Hub

Eugenio (Eugene) Sellaro-Neto | Sungkyung Lee | Gwan Woo Nam | Cheng (Enzo) Zhou
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04_hub_00_team 04_hub_01_sellaro 04_hub_02_lee 04_hub_03_nam 04_hub_04_zhou
Hub: Eugenio (Eugene) Sellaro-Neto Sungkyung Lee Gwan Woo Nam Cheng (Enzo) Zhou