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It's nice to see some of the
projects are actually taking
existing infrastructure, as
opposed to building all
new infrastructure.
Craig Metros

I'm super impressed by the
quality of the entries…the
level of detail and the
storytelling, and the level
of detail in thought of just
how things were executed
was really impressive.
Dustin Hostetler

“Can you create an
ecosystem that would be
appealing to investors and
also to governments and
also to industry?”
Freeman Thomas

"The most interesting ones
in my view, are taking a
broader look at issues of
sustainability. Looking at
some of the urban or the
rural contexts and trying to
frame the question
Louise Pelletier

"This is my first time as a
juror for this challenge, and
I have just been blown away
to see participants from all
over the world solve
problems that are
near and dear to them."
Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar