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The 18th Challenge

Michelin Announces Winners of
29th Annual College for Creative Studies Design Competition

The fresh ideas
coming from all
around the world was
really overwhelming.

There’s a lot of
stuff there that is
fresh and exciting.

Michael Gillamn

I think the story
of the pick-up is
the freedom they

People are looking
for this type
of flexibility.

Thomas Sycha
BMW Group Design

There was a lot
of diversity.

I was really
impressed by
seeing the variety
of different

Freeman Thomas
Ford Motor Company

What has changed
the most is they
provide more
creature comfort...

They’ve become
more of a vehicle
for personal use
and free time.

Frank Saucedo
General Motors

So many are
emerging markets
where you can see
the different
needs that the
different cultures
would require from
these vehicles

Richard Plavetich
Nissan Design

It never fails at
Michelin Challenge

You’re basically
reminded again that
it has not all
been done.

There’s still much
to be discovered.

Chris Chapman
Hyundai Design
North America

I was really
amazed at the
design work
they put
into it - the
modular capabilties -
being able to do
multiple things
with the same

Rob MacCachren
Off Road Racer &
4x Baja 1000 Winner

Once again, we
saw Michelin
Challenge Design
open the doors
to human imagination
and creativity.


Damien Michelin
Honorary Juror
Michelin North America

There’s a massive
future for what
we call the
pick-up truck.

(It's) still an
incredibly strong
growth part of
the marketplace .

Stewart Reed
Art Center College
of Design, California