Balance by Tom Ingell



Tom Ingell

United Kingdom


Urban Space: University campuses.
Issue: Time management and stress.

What if you could find balance all in one place, on your terms, fitting in with your day-to-day life? 91% say better time management will lead to reduced stress. In a world where time is the most valuable thing you can have, to be able to use it efficiently is the goal. By keeping your most important daily tasks accessible whilst on the move, Balance allows you to achieve just that.

Balance is an autonomous electric form of micro-mobility which aims to provide primarily students on campus a more productive and greener method of transport. Its dual wheel layout forms a capsule fit for carrying out your daily tasks whilst you get from A to B. It allows you to manage your time better, enabling you to feel less stressed, and more productive at either end of you commute. In our lives, we balance many things, but three elements are key: work, exercise, and relaxation. Due to the interchangeable nature of Balance, switching between these three activities is simple, with all the equipment you’ll need easily accessible in the dedicated storage area below the user.

Deployed in universities, this vehicle aims to provide an increased mental and physical well-being to students, giving them the tools to succeed day-in day-out. Balance is not only a companion to its user, but also to a sustainable future. It will be adding to the movement of electric vehicles powered by clean energy in a bid to be kinder to the planet. In addition to this, Balance will feature a host of different recycled materials within its build, notably ocean fabrics which use recycled ocean litter, and Bananatex, which is a fabric made from the plants of Abacá bananas.

The vehicle will be implemented as a rental pay-to-play scheme much like the e-scooters we are becoming used to in the current day. With sustainability at its core purpose, the profits from Balance will go towards tackling issues that threaten the future of our planet and the people living on it. The app compatibility will allow the user to customize how they’d like to use Balance and keep them up to date on how their personal use of the vehicle is making a positive impact.


Tom Ingell, 22, final year Automotive and Transport Design student at UWTSD in Swansea, UK. Intern at CALLUM Designs between 2021-2022.

I love all things art, cars and design. I’m fascinated by the creativity of the design world, and aspire to be part of it going forward into the future.