Ember Hawk- Fire Fighter and Rescue vehicle by N V S Varaprasad Chintalapudi

Ember Hawk- Fire Fighter and Rescue vehicle


N V S Varaprasad Chintalapudi


80% of the time, Riverside, California, USA, is hit by natural disasters like wildfires. As a result of climate change, wildfires have become more frequent in the western states, often growing into mega-fires if left unchecked.

In light of this, I thought about developing an automated vehicle that extinguishes fires and rescues people. This project is called Ember Hawk. Towers are built in wildfire-prone places, and drones are stored on their walls. This is a hub-and-spoke design. As the tower comprises pods that can be used for both human rescue and firefighting, satellite communication, and artificial intelligence help deploy the Ember Hawk.

The vehicle is symmetrical and easy to maneuver. My thoughts on its creation were influenced by symmetry and people, who are more closely related to the intended use of the design. The vehicle’s design was inspired by shaking hands between two people. To ensure environmental friendliness, the tower should be constructed using sustainable materials and design strategies, without requiring excessive space for its construction. The Ember Hawk is made of environmentally friendly materials and will work with nature to promote sustainable development.


Greetings, I am Varaprasad, hailing from the quaint Indian town of Vijayawada, AndhraPradesh, India. My childhood fascination with cars paved the way for a mechanical engineering career. I gained valuable experience working for car companies during this career. However, my curiosity and passion for design led me to transition into the design field as a CAD engineer.

While pursuing my aspiration of becoming a skilled transportation designer, I realized that designing is a different ball game from engineering. This has been an enlightening journey for me. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in international design competitions that will enhance my design perspective.