Health Rovers – Mobile hospital for rural India by Pushkraj Chandlekar

Health Rovers – Mobile hospital for rural India


Pushkraj Chandlekar



India has a population of more than 1.32 Billion of which 67% are the rural community and 33% are the Urban populations, and still, the health care system focuses so much on just the urban side, even though the mortality rate is higher for rural population about 3.1 million plus death more than the urban mortality rate.
Also, the hospitals are so focused on an urban population that on average rural people have to travel 3 more times than rural people to get the same level of medical treatment.

The only solution right now are mobile clinics and clinics in the villages which do not have all the high-tech medical equipment and in the end, the rural people have to visit urban hospitals for further medication.

Hence to solve this problem I have developed an alternative solution to the traditional hospitals and inefficient mobile clinics.
It’s a mobile hospital called Health rovers which is in 3 modules and setup up when they reach a village and keeps on hopping village after village treating people in rural India.


Hello, this is Pushkraj pursuing Automobile design from Mantra Academy in Bangalore