LINK by Luis C. Muñoz



Luis C. Muñoz



The sphere is the simplest and most perfect shape in nature, and therefore it is ideal for the vehicle of tomorrow. Minimizes air resistance, maximizing energy efficiency, keeping consumption to a minimum. Its enveloping shapes give its occupant the best protection.

LINK is a concept of individual mobility for the cities of the not too distant future, in which people will stop having their own car, to evolve to a system of shared cars. The service offered by the municipalities will offer the possibility of transport within the cities and their suburbs.

PEOPLE The greatest benefit for people will be that they will always have transportation within the city, available. By using a vehicle you will pay a small fee and save the cost of the vehicle and its maintenance.

PROFIT the council will offer a transport service within the city, charging for it a small fee that will be charged to the user when using it. This service will require the purchase of the vehicles from the company and will generate logistics, maintenance, cleaning and repair jobs.

PLANET The theory says that up to five people can travel in a five-seater car, but the reality is, in most cases, that each person travels in their own car, and in the end you have a large and heavy car with high consumption of energy. With LINK the vehicle is individual, with the possibility of joining the cars, so that a family of four people can travel together. When paired, all vehicles will connect through the speakers and display. On the other hand, the spherical shape, without external apprentices, provides the vehicle with a minimum residence in the air, increasing its energy efficiency, reducing its consumption.


Technical Engineering in Industrial Design.
Graphic design.
Master in Styling and Concept Design in the Automobile.

First prize Autopista-Nissan-UPV car design contest