Medicical by Chen You-Ruei, Jiang Wei-Ting, Liao Pei-Tzu, Lin Sin-Yu, Li Kai-Chu



Chen You-Ruei, Jiang Wei-Ting, Liao Pei-Tzu, Lin Sin-Yu, Li Kai-Chu



About $2.8 billion worth of medicines are thrown away and wasted every year. Most medical medicines are thrown away as general waste, much more through toilets, sinks, etc. Medical waste has adverse environmental and economic impacts. Contaminated water and food preparation residues can harm living things. The drugs used, the cost of disposal, and the cost of time spent on activities such as prescription and dispensing add to the millions to hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on the health care system.

MEDICICAL is a usable medicine delivery and medical waste recovery service vehicle. By properly recycling and preserving drug delivery, Medicical is designed to improve medicine delivery damage and medical waste disposal pollution. The car body is equipped with ozone and ultraviolet internal bacteria elimination device, which can reduce pollution caused by waste medicines leakage. And with the modular medicine recovery box, effectively through the anti-leakage design for effective recycling and classification, reduce the medicine flow in environmental pollution problems. It is also equipped with Medicical-APP for ride-hailing service. By arranging and planning the transportation and recycling of APP, excessive carbon footprint generated by transportation can be reduced, and the transportation destination of waste medical materials and drugs can be tracked to increase the treatment efficiency of medical supplies.


Captain: Chen, You-Ruei
Responsible for design concept and 3D model construction, as well as production process planning

Team member: Jiang ,Wei-Ting
Responsible for assisting in 3D model making, color planning and rendering

Team member: Lin, Sin-Yu
Responsible for product copy planning, data integration and collection

Team member: Liao, Pei-Tzu
Responsible for layout of works and assist in data collection

We are responsible for each job we are good at, which can not only increase work efficiency, but also help and learn from each other.