SYMONE by Romain COISPINE, Yoanne LACOMBE, Joseph KFOURY, Camille JAMET, Sacha MANET



Romain COISPINE, Yoanne LACOMBE, Joseph KFOURY, Camille JAMET, Sacha MANET



Symone is a new intermodal and shared mode of transportation powered by carbon-free hydrogen that rethinks the way people travel on long motorway journeys by combining time savings, comfort, ecology and road safety.

Only in France, every day, more than 100,000 cars or motorcycles make long trips on the highway!

Only in France, all light vehicles on freeways it are more than 5000 injuries and fatalities per year.

These millions of people each year on the freeway represent 600 million hours of driving, lost hours (equivalent to 400 000 jobs in France).
And 6% of all French CO2 emissions!

Then imagine in Europe and in the rest of the world…

Symone is a large articulated coach that accommodates up to 20 passengers (including people with reduced mobility) and 9 cars and motorcycles.
You book your trip on an app and arrive at the tollbooth. The driver loads your vehicle, and you get into a comfortable passenger cabin.
It is the driver who drives you safely. You could take advantage of your time to sleep, work, spend more time with your family.
And you’ve decarbonized your highway trip because Symone runs on green hydrogen.

With a simple idea, Symone will revolutionize the world of transportation.

Retrofit(H2) on an existing articulated coach chassis, which facilitates homologation and reduces costs.

Validation by the french homologation authorities (CNRV and DGEC) that we respect the French regulatory framework! Symone will also be adaptable to the regulations of other countries.

– Coaches are by far the safest means of road transport with 0.3% injury rate compared to 64% in cars (source ONISR).
– The “cars mainly on top” configuration is more suitable for people with reduced mobility and the “living area” is much better protected thanks to the reinforced structure.

– Many mobility solutions exist in cities, but 30% of the European population lives in rural areas. Symone will be used by both rural and urban dwellers.
– Symone fills the lack of multi/intermodal alternatives to traditional mobility solutions in the territories.
– Innovative and easily replicable value proposition.

Accessibility :
– People with reduced mobility.
– Ideal for the elderly.
– Favors carpooling.
– Highway entrances near many small towns. Symone can be deployed anywhere. Thanks to an extremely large number existing motorway infrastructures.

Environment :
– Hydrogen retrofit, circular economy.
– Eco-design.
– 500tons less CO2 /year/SymoneH2 in circulation (independent studies).
– Contribute of the Global Goals.

– Synergies with Michelin’s Smartshuttle project.
– Project with official approval of Social Utility Solidarity Company.
– Relevant and verified economic model.
– 600 people interviewed, 80% would prefer to take a Symone than their car.
– Loading and stowing of all vehicles takes only 15 minutes maximum.
– Rear loading by ramp or tailgate. Preferred ramp.
– The vehicles are on top because several technical and regulatory constraints oblige to this configuration, vehicles on top (+ bottom at the back). However, we meet the strict safety standards (including failover).


Romain Coispine, CEO of SYMONE
– 10 years in the management of an industrial company of 40 peoples.
Implementation and management of new production lines, choice and optimization of investments and processes, quality, recruitment, management, strategic choices and management of building extensions, production manager, interim management of the entire company, .. .
– Former Marine Infantry paratrooper (Army)
– Municipal councilor (finance and HR committee)
– Junior Chamber International
– Volunteer firefighter

Yoann Lacombe, COO of SYMONE
– Transportation Manager
– English License Business Management, UK
– Former regional training manager.
– HR strategy, CSR, employer brand,….
– National Executive Vice-President of the Junior Chamber International.

Joseph Kfoury, designer, of SYMONE
Lead Designer with 2 Masters Degrees in Transportation Design and 12 years of experience in various fields of Product and Mobility Design. Skilled in concept creation and brand building, hand sketching and digital drawing, 3D modeling, rendering, animation and VR implementation.