Vision Lotus 2050 – Mobility for the floating cities of the future by Shashaank Bhaskar

Vision Lotus 2050 – Mobility for the floating cities of the future


Shashaank Bhaskar



Sea levels have been rising due to climate change and the melting of polar ice caps. This is causing coastal flooding, erosion, and saltwater intrusion into freshwater sources. It is also threatening the existence of low-lying islands and coastal cities. As sea levels continue to rise, it could lead to the displacement of millions of people and significant economic and ecological damage. Individuals and governments need to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow down the rise in sea levels.

Right now we are bringing these conceptual ideas for floating cities to life. by starting construction of prototype habitats like Oceanix in Busan, BioDivercity in Penang and also the Maldives floating city. I have envisioned a world in these concepts are succesful and we have adapted to the environement and are living in completely self-sustaining floating cities in the year 2050.

I have desinged my idea of a floating city inspired by the ‘Lotus’ plant as it has a lot of unique properties of which I found these three relevant to the brief – purification of its marshy enivironment, it is a symbol of resilience, purity and rebirth or transformation, and its tubular root structure. The flower and the leaves are floating platforms for us to reside in and the underwater root structure act as our links to each of these platforms connecting the cities together.

The mobility system is divided into two modes, with the surface transport for short distances while the long distance commuting happens through the ‘Rhizome’ root network of high speed mass transit systems. It would connect people, resources and energy just like the roots of the lotus plant.

For the personal mobility between these floating platforms, anchored or mobile, I took inspiration from the lotus flower and designed a compact, amphibious vehicle that can naturally transition between land to sea mediums. This is essential because until now life has primarily been based on earth and there was no need to envision a seamless solution tying both worlds together. It is completely electric and has a transparent solar roof that

Like the lotus, a symbol for prosperity and rebirth. We as a people need to transform our ideas of living habitats, adapt and be resilient to the changing environment.


Hi, I’m Shashaank a design student from Bangalore. I have started my journey to become a professional transportation designer and this is a personal project of mine. I grew up reading stories, watching cinema and a strong passion for history and culture. I believe good design connects people, things and ideas and I plan to achieve this as a professional designer.