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Upcycle: Video

“I thought it was one of
the dreamier things with
the biomimicry and then
after it’s a transportation
device, it sets up as sort of
environmental station for
folks to play in the park.
This one is certainly
intriguing from a very
futuristic point of view.”
Chris Chapman

“It was interesting from
the Upcycle view, it had
Airscape, it took this pod
and then reinvented itself.
It is something that was a
multimodal transportation
which was super
Frank Saucedo.

“It’s important that this
responds to the
Upcycle challenge.”
Louise Pelletier

“It is really down to earth.
It takes the concept of a
frame and makes a nice
presentation, a very
charismatic one with these
Asian images.”
Thomas Sycha

“It’s kind of fun, playful,
and optimistic. That’s what
is great about it.”
Stewart Reed

“Think about what it is
replacing. This thing
coming along is, to me,
such a huge improvement,
but it’s still very pragmatic
and very functional. I could
see these things
everywhere in the streets.”
Craig Metros

“I love the simplicity of the
orange graphics, creating
just visual signatures. He
made it look good.”
Dave Marek

“I love the sketches and
everything about it
graphically. I think it really
holds together the
whole presentation.”
Craig Metros

“Beautiful forms that are
put together with a
concept. Very styled. A
great story in the way it
comes together. It
suggests a more
autonomous silhouette.”
Freeman Thomas