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Respect: Video

“If we can identify unique
needs that different people
groups have, and serve
those needs, then we've
probably done much more
sensitive things, even for
the broader population.”
Stewart Reed

“I believe in designing for
a capability, a function,
a purpose, and then
looking at it from the
standpoint of aspiration,
making it something
Freeman Thomas

“We have reached already
a certain level. And we, as
judges, are now also more
used to find the difference
between them and to find
the good ones almost faster
than we used to do, couple
of years ago. But I think
the level is surprisingly
Thomas Sycha

“What I found really
interesting this time
around, and I think it is for
the better, is to see so
many collaborations this
year, where it's not a single
person but a team of three
or four designers.”
Craig Metros