Balancing Sustainability – The Jury Is In

Balancing Sustainability: The Jury Is In

The 2023 Movin’On Challenge Design jury recent met in Detroit, MI to determine the winners of the 2023 theme – Balancing Sustainability. The winners will be announced in June.

2023 Movin’On Challenge Design jurors and organizers

From left to right:

Mike Marchand – Michelin North America
Kim Kegler – MOCD Chairperson, Michelin North America
Louise Pelletier – Director of UQAM Design Center, Canada
Candace Cluck – Michelin North America
David Byron – Director of Innovation Strategy, Sundberg-Ferar
Stefan Perriard – Industrial and Transportation Designer, SAGA Space Architects, and 2021 Challenge Design second place winner
Dustin Hostetler – Design Catalyst Lead – Ford Motor Company
Freeman Thomas – CEO of Meyers Manx and former Global Advanced Design Director, Ford Motor Company
Craig Metros – Transportation Design Faculty, College for Creative Studies, and former Design Director, Ford Motor Company
Damien Michelin – Honorary juror
Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar – Nerman Family President, Kansas City Art Institute
Chris Chapman – Design Consultant and former Senior Chief Designer, Hyundai Design North America