Calling All Car Designers To Tackle The Michelin Challenge Design 2015!

From: Invention Ideas

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself as a vehicle designer, then you’ll want to put your best sketches forward for a chance to have your work approved and promoted by Michelin themselves!

That’s right, designers – Michelin has tested the creativity of gearhead designers since 2003 to plumb the most original ideas they can discover that fit the yearly theme. For 2015, the Michelin Design Challenge prompts studio designers, consultants, design schools, students and individual designers worldwide to send in their ideas for simple and sustainable vehicles made to drive an iconic road.

What would the definitive car of Route 66 look like? The German Autobahn? Italy’s Stelvio Pass? Pick a street, road, avenue or boulevard that means something to you, and infuse your vehicle’s designs around the essence and emotion of its signature surroundings.

To enter your “car” in the running, you’ll need to send the Michelin Challenge several 2D renderings of your concept and its tire/wheel assembly process, as well as a brief 200 word essay explaining how your vehicle’s designs tie in to the road that you picked.

Sure, there’s no monetary prize for this contest, but the recognition that Michelin approves of your sustainable, original, functional, safe and comfort-minded car designs is surely a noteworthy achievement that you can use to easily obtain future clients. Besides, having your concept car being picked by Michelin as the best in the world is pretty darn cool too!

Take your time entering the Michelin Challenge Design 2015, as the contest closes its door to entries on June 1st, 2014. Best of luck, auto designers!