Aston Martin E-GO by Sicot, Mazerolle & Nguyen, France

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Emilie Sicot
Guillaume Mazerolle
Alexis Nguyen
Paris, France

This project was imagined by three teammates but firstly three friends Emilie SICOT, Alexis NGUYEN and Guillaume MAZEROLLE. They are studying transportation design at Strate, School of Design and will be graduated in 2020. All of them are driven by the taste of competition, the wish of creating different designs and by the wish of improving their skills at each event.

The team has a fascination for the influence of new technologies in our everyday life that”s why they decided to use this theme as a strong concept for the contest. Sharing the same working values, each one proposed a finished interior and exterior design. The team has chosen Emilie”s interior and a mix between Alexis”s and Guillaume”s exterior for the final design. Each of them is currently in internship, Emilie is interior design intern at RENAULT, Alexis is intern at ESTECH and Guillaume at RCD Small Dots. These students are looking for new opportunities, ready to learn and work on every future project.

Thanks to the growth of social medias in our everyday life and the development of direct lives, stories and instant photos/videos, we publish everywhere for everyone with a big frustration on our popularity (ratio followers/likes). We imagined what could be a car which would maximize the expansion and improvement of our accounts and increase the number of likes and followers during the rent of the car. We pushed it to its climax with the daily use technology. We hope that in 2050, people’s eyes concerning our self-centered society will have changed.

We have chosen the brand Aston Martin to express our thought. The idea is to create an experience as well inside as outside of the car. During the rent of the car, the driver will go where the crowd is centered in the town, to reach as many people as possible. Every second will be posted in direct live of the brand”s media and on the driver”s personal account. The goal is to reach the maximum of likes & follows during the short time of the rent. Drones in the hood will allow to film in live the car and the environment of spectators taking photos during this event. We think that this car will be iconic as it will be the reflection of the society and context of 2025.