Bi25 by Gonzalez & Colombo, Argentina

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Esteban Daniel Diaz Gonzalez
Lucas Colombo
Cordoba, Argentina

Esteban Daniel Diaz Gonzalez, industrial designer received from the UNC (National University of Cordoba) of Argentina, I am 28 years old, since I was very young I was passionate about cars, over the years this feeling was growing, at the age of 12 I knew I wanted to be car designer, it was not until I was 18 years old that I could enroll in an industrial design career, I consider design as the balance between engineering and art, in which emotions and innovations are put into play.

My goal is to continue improving and get to work in a global company in transport design.I thank Michelin for being promoters of these competitions that encourage us to move forward, the jury for selecting my work, and a thank you to my professors from the U.N.C and my family.

2010 – won the first honorable mention in illustration at the International Congress of Cordoba (CIDIC); the award was given by Oscar Chichoni.

2012 – won the first place in the Italian sports design competition in which Juan Manuel Diaz (Audi designer) and Julian Ramiro Fittipaldi (manager of Fiat Switzerland) participated as members of the jury board.

2014 – was among the first 100 places in the Valeo contest (innovation challenge Valeo).

2016 – ended among the first 40 participants in the contest of Peugeot design summer class

2015 – had the opportunity to present projects to different car companies, with very good comments.

Lucas Colombo is a designer and received a degree from the I.E.D of Italy in 2002. He worked as a Mercedes Benz designer developing several projects for the same and currently owns his design studio where he trains students.

The Bi25 is a totally radical vehicle, with a high degree of technology and innovations in the intelligent variation of its center of gravity. It is a before and after in the history of racing vehicles. Its cabin moves in 2 axes that make it vary its center of gravity making its traction and braking more efficient as well as its turns in curves.

I chose the McLaren brand, since it is an icon in technology and innovation. It is the first vehicle to have a variable center of gravity, which will make it an icon, so collectors will want to have it.