DS Bertoni by Georgii Varodi, Russia

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Georgii Varodi
St. Petersburg, Russia

Georgii Varodi, 21, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is currently studying transportation design at Stieglitz Academy of Art & Design.

Varodi was a Finalist in the BMW Young Designer Awards 2017 and got experience from talented designers from Renault,DS brand at Groupe PSA, Volkswagen and Lada Design Team during curated projects.

Apart from transportation design, he studies arts and illustration. He also works as an artist and it helps him to bring an expanded vision of shapes, proportions etc. into vehicle design industry.

Anticipated movie “Bond 25” released in 2025. Agent 007 turns out to be in Paris and chooses an elite model “Bertoni” from luxury French brand Citroen DS. In the movie all future vehicles are autonomous mass products and are controlled by Artificial Intelligence. AI overtakes the world and Bond needs a brand-new vehicle, distinctive and not similar to other cars which makes it invisible to AI. Only Bond’s car could be driven manually. As the movie breaks all records, Bond’s car becomes famous overnight. In 2050, regarding past success, DS “Bertoni” wins the Michelin Concours d”Elegance and becomes a classic.