Genesis ENTRADA by Mihul Prakash, India

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Mihul Prakash
Kanpur, India

It all started from drawing classes in school. Later, it turned into more refine subjects like sceneries, buildings and vehicles. Soon escalating to scribbling, doodling only vehicles on the last pages of my notebooks and realized my creativity and passion towards automobiles. Also, growing in an industrial city like Kanpur, India. It was frequent to see things complex and captivating on wheels around the city.

To continue this zeal, I completed my Masters in Transportation and Automobile Design from National Institute of Design, India. Later, working with an electric mobility startup in India, then completed an internship at Hyundai Motors India, RnD. Following my experience, I am inclined towards detail designing especially exterior. How complex areas can be defined and designed into something attractive and grip attention of the looker. Also, got an idea of exponentially growing Asian market. Followed by changing rules in car design and how almost every brand is trying to reinvent a car, with smart mobility solution.

Following my obsession towards cars. I can say, Muscle cars and hot rods are irresistible for me. Nature and historic architecture are always inspiring for me. Currently, looking for opportunity, to make some valid contribution towards reinventing transportation.

The scenario is set beyond 2025, where flying pods and alternate energy has taken over conventional transportation. Thus, leading to unconventional automobiles creating a completely different trend from 3-box design of present vehicles to something more unique, radical and breaking the rules of 140 years of automobile design.

For such a marketplace an athletic brand like Genesis chasing elegance, is trying to introduce the most radical transport, to admire, to travel and extend space on the move or stationary. With level 5 or beyond autonomy, the vehicle is self-sustainable with EM drive, drawing power through asymmetric super-capacitors.

On command movement and take you to anywhere on the planet. The AI can connect with passengers and let you take to places related to your memories. Being first in class to implement such technologies and project it as a trendsetter.

The brand is trying to set a benchmark by this unique product which no other brand will try and to capture people attention through classic, yet modern style. Such kind of practice will be noted in history and may be prompted from time to time to be respected and awarded at Michelin Concours d’Elegance 2050.