Legendary Drones by Sergei Safin, Russia

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Sergei Safin

Safin Sergey, 25, was born in Russia and is currently studying at the Academy of Art and Design of Stieglitz. Design experience includes school projects with VW Design and Lada.

The game is based on a scene where drones compete between each other. There is even a whole arena where with real prototypes on which the participants can measure their strengths, learn about opportunities and understand who is going to play first.

The game is getting popular among gamers from many countries. This game got much attention from both rich people and those who make just. Enough money for living. Most people simply lose their mind looking forthright next drone race.

There were created 2 prototypes that won all competitions. The owner of this drone was a pilot from Japan. The uniqueness of drones was in their super power and aerodynamics of the overall construction.

The legendary Japanese pilot finishes his career. He has had a lot of titles and awards. During this long and rough times he had no loses. This game since then became not just like a simple game but a distinct sport!