Noah by Ether Design Lab, China

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Ether Design Lab
Tao Ni
Hua Chen
Yong Ni
Rui Xiong
Yuan Tian

We are a design team dedicated to studying the relationship between transport, users and the environment, not just the vehicle itself. We believe that experience design is an important trend in the future. The rapid development of computer technology and manufacturing technology has allowed us to stand in front of a so-called perspective to view the future development of transport.

“Noah” is a revolutionary car which was born in the context of the Internet of Things and shared economy background.

It combines furniture and vehicle perfectly together, so that people can experience a better life, all-weather, all-round.

It has the shape of the car and the attributes of the home.

In the electric future, how to create a unique travel experience that belongs to quiet energy? I think “Noah” is the answer of our team.