QuarantONE by Oto Arantes, Brazil

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Oto Arantes
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Oto Arantes is a third-year undergraduate in design, currently seeking internships world-wide.

The Bugatti Quaranton is the reinterpretation of the Type 1941. Its design is distinguishable for the size and dynamicity given. With the production reduced to only 6 units, it is surely a sign of utmost prestige and luxury. As the 1932 model displays its driver outside the cabin, the Quaranton model reinforces the electric powertrain and autonomous navigation by showing a thinner and with few air entrances front, therefore more aerodynamic. The signature form of Bugatti vehicles is shaped to look as in the classics, in which the front fender and long bonnet can cause an impression on arrival.