The AMAZ Concept by Deven Khatri, USA

The 18th Challenge: Concours D’Elegance 2050.


Deven Khatri
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Deven Khatri is from India and is a Masters student at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.

The AMAZ concept is an attempt from amazon into the automobile industry. As tech companies emerge as automobile manufacturers I thought it would be interesting for amazon to have a go at designing a car that would silence the competition and show a glimpse into the future of the automobile industry.


  • AMAZ by Amazon
  • Launching of a lifestyle brand that provides ubiquitous luxury experiences to the masses
  • By Jeff Bezoz, amazon representing the next step for the enterprise.
  • Debuting the brand through a vehicle service; which is a 4-seater luxury sedan for a seamless integrated transportation system
  • Used by the average family/individual user.
  • An ultra-high-tech mobility platform for 2030.
  • A unique platform for a vehicle


  • Jeff Bezos”s mission
  • Growth for the enterprise and to point Amazon in a new direction
  • Take the automotive world by surprise to show a glimpse into the future of automotive design and systems
  • Challenge their direct competitors i.e. Apple, Google and Microsoft to show them how it can be done for the masses.


  • A system to that will open up new horizons in the world of connectivity and interaction.
  • A car with duality as a strong functional attribute doing much more than what is expected from a vehicle and system.


  • Bold design cues through trim
  • Clever use of materials and processes to enhance design and aesthetics
  • Details to help identify that the car runs through AR and AI
  • An extension of amazon”s personal assistant ALEXA/ ECHO.