Apogee Concept Vehicle by Andrew Brown, Australia

2003: France.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Andrew Brown is a practising Industrial Designer, having attained his BA Design (Honors) degree from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia and is an accomplished fine artist with an art history dating back over 25 years.

His car styling ability is self-taught with his first car designs drawn from about 1976 and he specializes in the conceptual styling of automotive and product design, technical illustration and model construction as well as 3-D computer modelling.

His design practise is located in the Western Australian capital city of Perth and he has produced work for the Australian Defence Force, Cliff Green Design, Everdure space Heaters, GO Medical Industries and a concept car for Gekko Enterprises.


(The APOGEE Concept car rationale)

Definition: APOGEE: That point in the orbit of a heavenly body at the greatest distance from Earth.

Apogee derives its aesthetic motifs from structural Hi-Tech architecture, Art Deco and fine Art originating from French culture, incorporating the influences into a cohesive and distinctive automotive form.

This form translates into a car with distinct styling characteristics and feasible practical features with an individualistic French flavour.

The Apogee Concept features Magnetic levitation suspension, Fuel cell/electric drive train, electric steering and electromechanical braking system.

The interior design features a cabin air diffusion system, which eliminates traditional air vents, rear seats that may face backward for rear entry and egress of passengers, overhead storage compartment, flat floor and a multi-format instrumentation.

Exterior features include pedestrian airbag system, rear view cameras, electro-chromatic window tinting, and sliding single hinge concertina side doors for easy access.