Citroen Routier by Vincent Alomia, England

2003: France.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


My name is Vincent Alomia I’m 22 years old. I live near Coventry in the UK. I have completed a 3-year BA in Transportation Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle and am now part way through completing a MA in Automotive Design at Coventry University. Cars have always been a passion in my life from a small age whether it be doodling them or getting my hands dirty with them, and through time I grew to appreciate good design as well and wanted to marry the to together in what seems to me the prefect job. Outside of university I enjoy traveling, having traveled round Europe and spening this summer in South East Asia. I enjoy spectating and participating in many sports, Soccer and Motor sports especially.


The Citroen Routier is an alternative luxury tourer model, highly influenced by the sophisticated chic of Parisian and south of France lifestyles. I wanted the opportunity to bring back Citroens image as Frances most pioneering and stylish car companies with a unique design statement. The most prominent part of the design is a canopy made from a lightweight composite glass, which can change color to reflect moods and its’ surrounding.