ETUD Integral (ETUD 17th) by ETUD Integral, France

2003: France.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Since 1984, ETUD Intégral, a company specialised in automobile design, engineering and prototyping is leading with multiple subjects within the transportation field ie. cars, bikes, trains, etc…

Taking place at Paris (France) and Barcelone (Spain) ETUD Intégral consist of more than 150 designers and engineers.

One of the main activities within ETUD Intégral is the development of confidential exploration programmes based on car manufacturers and supplies request.

In order to show it skills, ETUD intégral presented the roadster: ETUD 15TH at the Mondial de Paris edition 2000, and the Pick Up ETUD 17TH at the edition 2002.


The pick up ETUD 17TH is a result of a global reflection concerning the potential market for this type of vehicule within Europe.

By expressing both industrial realism and product choice, ETUD 17TH is the reflection of our everyday work in design engineering and prototyping for the automobile field.

The first real European interpretation of a Pick-Up vehicle was made in the USA,  Etud 17TH has been developed from the platform of the monospace Renault Grand Espace that is manufactured by Matra Automobile.

The architectural concepts adapted for the project reconciles the interior habitability and conviviality with a high volume skip in a European sedan.

The versatility of the interior layout can either provide a friendly 3 seats monospace cabin or a functional 1 seat utility van cabin.

The realistic development of this project is part of a practical industrial process using the production tools of the Renault Avantime. Nonetheless, Etud 17TH displays a cutting edge design.

The show car Etud 17TH displays the creative mind and the ability of achieving an exploration vehicle that Etud Integral provides to car manufacturers and suppliers for the past 17 years.

The Pick-Up vehicle, displays beyond a representation of the brand image of the group, an expression of reality. The passion of a team.