“GT Reims” 3 Wheel Motorbike by ARPIA Design Studio, Francesco Castellana Misso and Fabian Rodrigo Velandia Herrera, Columbia

2003: France.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


ARPIA Design Studio is a small independent design studio recently founded by Francesco Castellana Misso, an Italian citizen who’s been residing in Bogota since 1982, and who is also the creator and manual designer of all body models.

ARPIA Design Studio and Francesco Castellana Misso have presented for the first time to the public their design proposals to the NAIAS 2003 Michelin Challenge Design, and then to the “Motortrends” contest. Prior to these two events, Francesco Castallana Misso submitted, as a suggested idea, a three wheel motorcycle proposal (the predecessor of the “GT Reims”), to both Harley Davidson and Yamaha Corporation.

This design studio was born after 30 years of passion for car design, mainly sport cars, a passion to which Francisco has devoted much interest and time during his free moments, since his main activity has been the Architecture and Construction of Civil Engineering Works, initially in Italy and then, for a few years, in Colombia.

In nearly 1 year, this design studio has independently carried out body studies for GT Type cars, Sedan, Mini Car and 3 Wheel motorbike.

The current goal of “ARPIA Design Studio” is to continue creating new concepts on classical or new trend topics and be able to incorporate its designs to the international market, either through direct contracts or in combination with other studios or car industries.

TEAM “ARPIA Design Studio”

Francesco Castellana Misso – Founder, Owner, Designer

  • Born in Rome, Italy, March 21, 1950
  • Geometry (Architecture, Engineering)
  • During nearly 20 years he has carried out engineering and architecture works, restoration and strengthening of historical monuments, and archaeological excavations mainly in Italy. There he was registered at the Ministry of Public Works from 1968 to 1988. In Colombia, he also carried out, for a few years, civil works and architectonic studies for companies and individuals.

Fabian Rodrigo Velandia Herrera – Draughtsman

  • Born in Cajica, Colombia, July 19, 1982
  • Sixth Semester Student at the Mechanical Engineering School of the National University of Colombia, Bogata.
  • He is in charge of converting into computer electronic format


It has been conceived as a fun transportation solution for the weekend and for the daily use thanks to its internal space. Other possible use is for Police Departments. Its clean aerodynamic lines with features of the French style, and its sports appearance could easily place this vehicle among those used for extreme sports that so much attract a certain category of clients


  • Length – 2.650 mm
  • Width – 1.820 mm
  • Height – 1.110 mm