Aspire by Li Yi, China

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Li Yi, a 22 year-old graduate student majoring in Automobile Engineering, has attained his Bachelor degree from Wuhan University of Technology in Hubei province, China 2003. He is applying for graduate study of Automobile Engineering in North America.

He has many conceptual styling of automobile and product design since 1999, such as ”Sprint Coupe”,“City-sprite CNG” won him the second prize in the design competition sponsored by Sanhuan Automobile Company and Institute of Automotive Engineering in Wuhan University of Technology. He is very skilful at computer programming and at using the related tools, such as the software of UGV18, Rhino3D2.0, 3DMAX4.0, Autocad2000, and Photoshop7.0 etc.


After the 21st, the Chinese auto market is gradually dominated by young blood, but the market hasn’t related cars enough for their demands: a cute shape, fresh color, multi-purpose function, low operation fee and healthy for people.

Based on the research of the status, I design a car named Aspire for the Chinese young people. It chooses the electric motor as power system since the electric vehicle has many advantages such as the low operation fee and zero emission.

Aspire is mainly designed for the auto customers who are the young white-collars in city and new families. Its orientation is “the first car for young people”. With multi-purpose functions matching the city living pattern and the recreational mode, Aspire suits for the young blood’s new and independent life style.

Aspire aims at the city road status. The shears doors of Aspire can be opened in little space and suit for narrow parks. The open rear trunk can carry many cargos or some large things. Also, such trunk can carry a bicycle. When the traffic jam happens or a good parking place is not available, the driver can stop the Aspire in the nearest park and then use the bicycle.

At the weekend, Aspire can be changed into a recreational vehicle. It can carry some sport equipments such as bicycle, rowboat and go to the environs. Moreover, it can be used as a tent by changing the direction and angle of chairs.