Beijing Sedan by Francesco Castellana, Colombia

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™



It is a small and independent design studio that has been working in the study and creation of external models of all types of automobiles, such as Sedan, G.T. and Sport cars. The core idea of this work is to create an original and very personal style, although it is in some cases influenced by a classic conception, the current tendencies or perhaps the “retro futurist” style.

The harmony of the lines, the high level of innovation, the aggressiveness of all the models, the aerodynamic concept and the comfort that they project characterize all the works and designs of this study. Through the use of these elements, it has been possible to create new and exclusive models that never consider any kind of imitation.

Besides that, these new designs are created using traditional methods and design definitions, and afterwards they are presented, using the help of modern computer programs.

Francesco Castellana Misso, who is not only its owner, but also the creator of all the automobile models, founded ARPIA Design Studio three years ago.

Francesco Castellana presented his design proposals to an international contest organized by the Michelin company, called the “NAIAS 2003 Michelin Challenge Design,” and the results of this experience were absolutely outstanding. Indeed, among 130 proposals from 40 countries in all around the world, this architect was part of the best 11 designers, presenting 2 car models (a Sedan and a 3 Wheel Motorbike).

In this year, after being part for the second time of the NAIAS contest 2004, which is always made in Detroit, Francesco Castellana was again a finalist and important competitor, presenting a project of a Beijing Sedan type car.

Francesco Castellana Misso

Architect. Rome (Italy)

During nearly 20 years he has carried out engineering and architectural works, restoration and strengthening of historical monuments and archaeological excavations mainly in Italy. There he was registered at the Ministry of Public Works from 1968 to 1988. In Colombia, he has also developed for a few years, civil works and architectural studies for companies and different individuals.

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Just as in other great industrialized countries where there is a great potential for productivity and for present and future trade development and where a strong national feeling exists, it is natural that the desire and need for having a nation class car representing the country’s industry quality and style, exists also in China.

It is rightly thinking about an important Chinese social sector and some other people that usually perform important activities, necessary in a country that is opened to the world, that I wish to propose my “Beijing Sedan,” concept. This is a car of big dimensions with classical and elegant profiles and a front view with a strong mythological personality. All these characteristics are the main features of a classical car, but this car is going to provide the basis to create future car generations for countries like China in this case.

Diplomats, business’ cars, classy car rental and families who can enjoy luxury and comfort, would be the target segments for such a car.