Butterfly by Michel Amphyon, France

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Michel Amphyon, 54 years old, professor agrégé in Product Design, now practicing at J Duhamel high school of Dole ( Jura ) near Geneva.

Promoter of the Product Design Department in the Franche Comté region in 1988. Manager for the leisure electric vehicle project ” bi-scot” presented at the international Auto Show in Geneva, in 1994.


This vehicle is made of a camper allowing 8 people, laying on a carrying structure. Piloting system is entirely automated by radio guidance. When stopped, the camper drops to facilitate passengers loading. It allows the possibility of carrying two wheel chairs.

As the b u t t e r f l y separates from its chrysalis the camper separates from the carrying structure. When associated with other campers it can becomes a city motor bus or if suspended on a cable can cross over urban or natural obstructions.

Security – Passae’s and pedestrian’s security is assure by exterior sensors and air bags.

Technique – The structure allows the possibility of different energy supplies such as electric piles, gas cylinder or compressed air. Drive ability and steering system are made of eight electric differential engine placed in the wheel.