China Shuttle by Lele Cheung, China

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Lele Cheung, 23, is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Art Design in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. He is very thankful to be participating in Michelin Challenge Design and would like to thank his teach and partner for their help with his project.


We focus on the living environment of the most Chinese townsman. Nowadays the dimension of urban communities is continuously becoming lager. This causes lots of inconvenience to the living of the inhabitants, especially the aged, children and the disabled who are confined inside of the community most times and influenced the management and maintenance of the community, likewise the inconvenience exists in large-scale manufactory districts, campus and so on. As the improvement of the standard of living, convenient design should infiltrate every details of life.  So we need a helper—-multifunctional vehicle for the large-scale communities, manufactory districts, the campus’ passenger transport or limited freight.


Flexible space for trivialities. (Accommodating 3-5 persons or definite goods);

Laying no emphasis on excellent capability of running but on environment impact, we adopt the battery-fueled vehicle of liquid-hydrogen powered engine, which emits no exhaust gas. There are 4 mini separated fuel cell engines controlling 4 wheels respectively, likewise, each wheel has separated control unit, fuel cell unit and hydrogen storage device. We can change the storage device with ease.

Meanwhile the deliberate implication of Chinese culture can be found here, the traditional round knot, traditional gate for example. “China shuttle” has a modest form and demure expression.

We hope the car can adjoin the inhabitant’s life and the community.