Chrysler “C-Cadre” Concept by Andrew Brown, Australia

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Andrew Brown completed a BA Product Design (Honors) at Curtin University School of Design (1994-1997) in Perth, Western Australia.

An accomplished fine artist with a drafting background, he has melded fine art skills, drafting and three-dimensional design to create new product styling and conceptual design.

Andrew has produced design, illustration and product styling for Go Medical Industries, Cliff Green Design, David Miller engineering, Australia Special Air Services, Everdure, Aquajet Technologies, Advantage Air and Centurion Doors among others.

In 2002 his ‘Apogee’ concept car was awarded a finalist position in Michelin’s Design Challenge and a 1:5 scale display model was displayed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, 2003.

This year his Chrysler badged ‘C-Cadre (Cicada) concept car has been accepted as a 2-D display at NAIAS in Detroit for January 2004. The C-Cadre is a finalist in Michelin’s Challenge Design specifying a car for the emerging Chinese market.

Andrew has a home-based design studio in Shenton Park, Western Australia where he practices as a consulting product specialist and conceptual artist.


The C-Cadre Concept car represents a pragmatic approach to the requirements, which would cater to the emerging Chinese auto market.

C-Cadre is a practical, compact multi-purpose vehicle combining high levels of functional flexibility, safety and economy with distinct styling.

Suiting a diverse range of end user requirements with a range of purpose designed variants; C-Cadre utilizes many common base components across the range of models.

The powerful and clean LPG powertrain or the option of an efficient compressed air propulsion system for use in city environments allows the car to be resource friendly and offers affordable ownership.

Wagon variants have the option of a unique ‘space extender’ module that enables the owner to increase the rear luggage space, as demand requires without sacrificing passenger room. A load carrying linked trailer adds even more possibilities to the C-Cadre’ range’s utility.

C-Cadre would be built in a variety of models including a sports coupe through to a top of the range luxury ‘Limousine’; three box style sedans with advanced features and a broad choice of luxury options.