Cicada by Yu Xingan, China

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Yu Xingan, 23, is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Design at Tongji Univeristy, Shanghai, China.

Yu’s work experience includes cooperating with the college students from the department of mechanics to design and make a robot and take part in the contest of ROBOCON 2002. He also designed the CHUNHUI 1 new concept car for the department of automobile, which was exhibited on SIF (Shanghai Industrial Fair) 2002. He also designed the advertisement board for the landscape of Pudong.


The car is made for the EXPO 2010, which will be held in Shanghai. It is self-evident that the existing transportation system is unable to meet the requirements of so many visitors. The hollow has to be stuffed by new concept cars, which can provide more freedom.

The first problem that has to be solved is the finite parking spaces. It wants us to limit the projective proportion of every car and create a new efficient form of parking manager.

The parking and charging matrix: The car will insert the plug into the charger underground automatically to charge the battery when it is parked just like a cicada extracting the juice from the tree. The plug will lock the car at the same time. In this way, the problem with parking, charging and guarding against theft in China these days will probably be solved.

It is easy for the CICADA to orient the location of the charge: underground with the help of the scanner, which can make out the white line printed on the ground.

The car is made by fiberglass, which maybe easy to produce under the low roboticized situation. Six modules assemble it: battery, charger, body, skeleton, suspension and manipulation.