City Pearl by Wu Wenting, China

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Wu Wenting, student of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, China. I am interested in many things especially drawing, music, movie and video making. As the passion for design, I want to touch new things, new challenges which make the life splendid.


The little “City Pearl” is just a small car mainly for single person, who is at the age of 25 to 35, earns his own money and pays for himself. It also can used by a student or as opportunities arise for a family 4-occupant car, for its small size. It uses Hydrogen battery, which is of no pollution to the air.

Another special function is that it is designed with the city cable system, (just a normal way designed for future China to travel in the city with a good speed).The objective is to solve the transport problem of large cities, (especially in Shanghai). The car can go onto the cable in definite places hung under and travel along the city overpass. It can travel above the busy streets to avoid the traffic jams of the rush hours. As now all the personal transport is traveling on land, so this special car can create a new style of personal transports and makes city traffic space a new division. It also gives the “Pearl” owner a new vision when he is driving.

Single door design meets the need of saving public space, while the plump car body makes a new storage and gives the driver a new feeling of the car when he is sitting inside.