EnergiE by Amphyon Guillaume, France

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Amphyon Guillaume, 30, currently lives in Annecy, France. He received a Superior Award in Creation and Industrial Design Development after a degree (BTS) in Industrial Aesthetic Design.

He is currently a Graphic Designer/Colourist in the Footwear Department of Salomon Company. He had been a designer/modelling CAD in”Advanced Research R&D” for a specialized industrial product and rapid prototyping organization.

He is an avid extreme sports and automobile fan.


Designed as a roadster for young customers, EnergiE is inspired by the multi-media world (Computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA’s…) and architecture, especially in the form of the cabin.

The two-tone/contrast-texture body, large wheels with “tattooed” low-profile tires, and sharp lights create a young, dynamic character.

With a geometric, open interior cell in aluminium, a large panoramic roof, and full-size sliding doors, the EnergiE provides a feeling of freedom and well being. In keeping with the modern trend towards utilitarianism, this small and convenient vehicle can also double as a light-duty pick-up.

For more fun, there are three seats in the cabin. The driver takes the middle seat for the best driving sensation and friends sit on either side.