Flexible Cube by Lu Jie, Year 99 Industry Design Dept., Tongji Univ., China

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


LU Jie, 23, is a fifth year student of Tongji University, majoring in Industry Design. She will pursue her MA’s studies at JiaoTong University next year after attained her BA Design degree from Tongji University. Nowadays, designing cars is Lulu’s great passion. Her dream is to find a job in the world of car-design after her study.


CONCEPT ONE: the body of “Flexible Cube”(F.C) is designed as divided subsections, which could be lengthened and shortened easily.

1.  The bodywork could be lengthened or shortened gradually according to the number of passengers on board.

2.  The length of F.C is above 11m when it’s full but shortened to 6m to 7m when it’s empty or parked.

Thus F.C could solve some problems as follows:

1.  Waste of parking areas in China caused by the large size of buses.

2.  Waste of road spaces caused by non-full load driving.

3.  The disproportion of carrying amount in one day caused by dense population in cities (with rush hours both in the morning and evening)

CONCEPT TWO: More informationized and intelligentized (the communication among F.Cs, stops and main control centre)

1.  The estimate arriving time and the temporal load of the coming F.C could be shown at every F.C’s stop.

2.  The estimate time of arrival and the info about the coming stop could be shown on F.C, like other buses to change and shops or restaurants nearby.

3.  The main control centre could get the info of  F.Cs or F.C’s stops at any moment so that they could send order to the running F.Cs according to the flow of passengers to improve the efficiency.

CONCEPT THREE: To Use the Fuel Cell.

To solve the pollution problem caused by cars inside densely populated cities.

CONCEPT FOUR:the design of inner part should be more humanized.

1.  Large windowpane: the passengers could get wider field of vision and sense of openness.

Foldaway seat: Limit the usage of seat at rush hour to get more area for carrying more passengers.