Honda ASP by Steven van der Veen, Netherlands

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Steven van der Veen was born 22 years ago in Hattem, a small mediaeval village in the Netherlands. Since he was a boy, he made 3D-drawings. The last years by means of CAD-tools. In the past, his great inspiration was formed by drawings of the impossible world of the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher.

Since 8 years ago, designing cars is Steven’s great passion. Currently he does practice at Donkervoort, a Dutch sports car manufacturer. And last year, he was a finalist of the Michelin Challenge Design 2003 as well. He is in the third year of his study ‘Industrial Design’ and is hoping to find a job in the world of car-design afterwards.


Chinese people are short by nature. Therefore, it is possible to construct a small sized, lightweight vehicle. Due to these factors, the car is very fuel-efficient; it runs hydrogen to reduce the environmental pollution to a minimum.

The interior is simple and efficient almost all functions (transmission, air climate control, lights, multimedia tools) are automatic and/or voice controlled. The interior reflects the exterior by using the same combination of elegant lines and planes. The four organic designed chairs provide the passengers with comfort and support.

There is no need for a large MPV. Because in general, there are only three members in a Chinese family (2 parents and a child).

The large wheels reduce the rolling-resistance and they are positioned on the corners of the small vehicle to give it more stability. The shape of the rear and the small diffuser between the exhaust pipes reduce the negative drag to save fuel.