Jiao by Fograt Design, Jonathan Eziquiel-Shriro, USA

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Jiao by Fograt Design, Jonathan Eziquiel-Shriro, USA.


With China’s population burgeoning well beyond that of the comparatively open west, new concepts in packaging are necessary. To that end, my concept eschews 4 wheels in favor of a two-wheel-plus-caster design. The layout is compact, modular and adaptable. With all of the mechanicals for the fuel cell motive power situated within the triangular “skateboard,” the upper portion is kept clear for human use. Only 2 wheels are driven, and these remove the need for a steering rack by using speed differentials between the wheels to turn (much akin to the Segway scooter).

The body is docked to the chassis, and can vary between compact 1-seater open-air bodies on very short chassis to multi-seat closed configurations or stretched wheelbases. Additional Hydrogen tanks can be inserted in these chassis extensions. The structure is composed of bonded, hydroformed, aluminum and lightweight plastics. All of the mechanicals ¾ like the composite-ceramic electric motors ¾ are designed for maximum longevity, with ease of replacement and low cost the primary concerns. I feel my design solution offers enough flexibility to supplant both personal automobiles and light trucks in crowded china, and its maneuverability and modularity allow it to “fit” into multiple situations at once.