Muria by Juan Jose Guijarro A. and the Fattoes Studio, Mexico

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Juan josé (Juanjo) Guijarro was born in San Juan Puerto Rico in November, 1968. He graduated with a degree in Architect from Universidad Intercontinental, México (1996). He is currently working as a 3d artist in the Virtual Set, TELEVISA S.A. México.


Muria it’s a luxury sport sedan. It exploits the Chinese taste for American cars like Buick and GM but with a muscular and retro look. (The profile of the car was a tribute to the 1962s-1967s Lincolns, the perfect combination between luxury and power). It’s intended to be agile and fast. This car could compete in the Chinese market by license or assembling in China just like the VW’s are doing. The Chinese market is wide and has room for a medium and high price cars. Muria could be the American response to the mini but a little bit generous The Muria back incorporates the legacy of various 1928-1933 cars such as the Minerva, the Stutz and the Bugatti 41 R. The wheels were taken from the 1932 Voisin c14.