Sunrise by Jeff Weller, United States

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jeff Weller has been designing since his teenage years everything from footwear to furniture to agricultural equipment with automobiles and trucks his primary focus. He currently is designing with his brother as Jeff designs the concepts while his brother takes them from paper to the computer. Jeff is currently self-employed.


Research reveals a solution necessary to address inherent market needs such as affordability, congestion, inadequate parts supply lines and serviceability. The submitted vehicle designed and being developed seeks to satisfy current and emerging concerns through:

  • Affordability: through simplistic design and compartmentalization for ease of manufacture as well as minimal replacement parts required to be kept.
  • Congestion: designed “up not out” to minimize exterior space (maneuvering, parking, shorter traffic backups, etc.) and maximize interior space.
  • Serviceability: designed to be easily serviced through a number of unique innovations.
  • Adaptability: modular interior and exterior – configurable to a variety of uses from private to commercial, from people transport to cargo.

A multi-purpose vehicle aptly named SUNRISE for “the sun rises in the East” and the rising sun effigy innate within side profile.

  • Front pivot drawer transverse mounted power unit – tilt out for servicing
  • “No damage” synthetic rubber incased front and rear bumper drawers – for heavy traffic, parking, etc.
  • Flat side glass – 1 piece fits all four doors, as well as front and rear windshields interchangeable
  • Door interchangeability – one right-hand, one left-hand required for entire vehicle
  • Removable seats
  • Pivot power windows- easy to service, motor in pivot – all four the same
  • Optional rear cargo drawer/bumper unit – extendable to back of front seats for bed or commercial application
  • Optional overlapping sliding doors for tight ingress/egress
  • Design exhibits intrinsic front, rear, and side impact resistance as well as rollover rigidity

Easily individualized through hundreds of color combinations.