Tiny by Brook Banham, Germany

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Brook Banham has been working as a freelance transport designer since his graduation from Coventry University, Transport Design three years ago. Starting his freelance career as an advanced footwear designer for Fila Sport SpA, Brook has worked with other major sportswear companies producing advanced concepts for theory and production for clients including Puma and Adidas. Together with ongoing sports wear projects, Brook has been commissioned for the design of a children’s safety seat for BMW.

To complement his freelance career, Brook has kept his passion for auto design current by partaking in several design competitions. In the three contests from which he has participated, he has had a winning result with every one. Starting with the Peugeot Design Contest 2001 as a prizewinner, he also partook in the Michelin Challenge Design 2003 whereby his work was selected to be displayed in the 2004 Detroit Auto Show and the 2003 MG World Design Contest where he was one of the top 5 finalists.

Before Brook went to university, he worked as a graphic designer in the Formula One racing industry, producing graphics and illustrations for Jordan Grand Prix and Stewart Grand Prix, Touring Cars for Renault Williams, and Superbikes for Honda Castrol.

Currently Brook is one of the partners in Banham.Wellner, a design and architecture studio located in central Munich. As well as transport and product design commissions, they work together on urban and architectural projects for wide ranging clients.

Brook was born in Abilene, Texas in 1973, and moved to Great Britain in 1988. He lived in Italy and Austria in his freelancing career. Brook now lives in Munich, Germany.


TINY is a hybrid cross between a Quad Runner and the Smart Car with both being exceptionally small and versatile. Utilitarian qualities similar to those found in Willys Jeep or Quad Runners, Tiny is designed to be minimalist in aesthetic beauty but maximum in usability. As with the Smart Car, Tiny is also designed to negotiate around town easily, as well as keeping the occupants’ comfort in mind.

Utilising the rugged nature of a quad runner, with abilities to drive on almost any terrain and with a utilitarian approach, TINY to be kept functional without the ongoing antistatic maintenance required of more conventional vehicles. TINY is equally at home on the road or off. TINY can aid farmers working on the farm as well as carry produce into town comfortably, negotiating too within a city environment with ease.

TINY features:

TINY’s packaging is meant to use the smallest footprint possible to carry as many things as possible. Asymmetrical driving layout so to maximise usable space to the side of the driver compliments TINY’s packaging innovation.

Inexpensive blow moulded PVC panels can adept to the changing needs of the user. With cost effective maintenance in replacing damaged panels with no specialist tools or training, the user can conduct repairs or alter and maintain without the aid of a specialist.

The timeless styling of TINY is specially designed so not to become out of date, a similar philosophy can be compared to the Vespa.

Utilising a two-stroke motorbike engine, TINY thereby has reduced weight and maintenance as well as fuel consumption and Co2 emissions.

An enclosed canopy to protect the occupant from rain and weather conditions.