Utility Concept Vehicle (UCV) by Michael Heasman, United Kingdom

2004: China.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Michael Heasman, 24, living in Durham, UK.

My career ambition is to work as a designer in the automotive field. Thanks to the Michelin Challenge Design I am now begging to realise my ambition.

In pursuit of this goal I undertook a BA Hons transport design degree followed by the Sheffield Hallam Industrial design MA Program. This helps fosters an investigative approach to design. I researched telematics and their effect on driver distraction, a growing industry problem.

My philosophy is that design can simplify problems. I believe creative thinking and new ideas are essential to any business. Good design and its application are the only way to achieve a successful product.


The Chinese auto market is accelerating, this recognize the importance of sustainability and the importance of efficiency, both in operation and production. The vehicle is robust enough to operate in an environment that has yet to become fully developed with its infrastructure. The vehicle will serve a purpose, but also embody the freedom of choice.

Simplicity maybe the key, but effective design solutions can reduce what is unnecessary without compromising on quality or functionality. Modular construction, quickly adaptable to changing demands.

Low cost production technology: color impregnated panels resist minor damage and remove paint facility cost from initial investment; space from construction from tubular steel applies technologies and skills already found in China from the bicycle industry; Value engineered components, all door panels are the same reducing investment costs and components. One part can be produced in higher volumes more efficiently.

It’s one car for a billion new motorists.