Xin Lang by Uros Pavasovic, Slovenia

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Design Team:

Uros Pavasovic – Car Design

Karlo Medjugorac – Graphic Design

Andreja Mikuz – Research

Roman Krizanic – Sinology

Matjaz Krivic – Photography

Dragan Arigler – Photography

Mihael Brencic – milling and technology

Milos Urbas – painting

Damjan Urbas – painting

Stef Harley – sponsorship procurement

Robert McKenzie – sponsorship procurement

Kovinoplastika Loz – sponsor

HUNTSMAN Vantico – sponsor


Uros Pavasovic, 29, is currently an Industrial Designer at Gigodesign in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he designs various interior lamps, mini-scooters and mopeds. Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree at the University of Ljubljana’s School of Architecture in 1999.

Uros held previous design positions at the Seaway Company and the 7th Arc Company before his current position at Gigodesign. He has received numerous design awards and recognition including a two time selected designer for Michelin Challenge Design (2003 and 2004), a third prize in the Anfia Design Competition (February 2002), a finalist in the Car Styling Design Competition (August 2001), honorable mention in the Motor Trend Design Competition (August 2002), honorable mention in the Mitsubishi Design Competition (March 2000) and first prize in the Ford Design Competition (March 1999), to name a few.

Uros has recently designed two freelance vehicles, ‘Xin Lang’ and ‘Citroen Goutteletee’, both produced into scale models.


Based on the research made the “Car for China” has to be designed to appeal to and to satisfy urban population caught between tradition and westernization, considering the traffic congestion, the growing ecological concerns, the limited income and the consumer’s yearlong desire for owning a car.

Xin Lang is a compact MPV with upright seating that delivers interior space for seven – being the first and the second car of a young urban family keeping close relations with grandparents and relatives. It is sustainable – hybrid propelled, made of the recyclable PET and aluminium, with easily dismountable body. It is western with only slight hints on its Asian character, a subtle interpretation of Chinese tradition. The upright front window lengthens and pronounces the bonnet, to create a two-box, rather than a mono-space appearance. Its young image with an innovative and distinctive, forward looking and modern design, dynamic stance on the road, large wheels and chrome details is appealing for the target group – successful young people.