Zhonghua Car by Xing Rufei and Yang Dacheng, China

2004: China.

Scale Model and Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Zhonghua Car by Xing Rufei and Yang Dacheng, Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automotive Co. Ltd. R&D, China.


Zhonghua car, launched to the market in August, 2002 officially, is a model of mid-high grade car with independent intellectual property rights. Its debut and marketing indicated the Brilliance Automotive, its owner, entered into a brand market field, and became an important member of China auto market.

In 1997, the Brilliance Automotive raised funds of USD500 million by itself. It developed extensively global cooperation with capital as a bond, and integrated human power, technical resources in the world to develop Zhonghua car, the high quality car product suitable for Chinese conditions and with state of the first level art appearance and perfect performance. On Dec. 16, 2000, Zhonghua car was off line in Shenyang. On May 28, 2002, the state economy and trade commission issued the 16th batch of automobile manufacturing enterprises and products announcement, Zhonghua car was in the batch list.

Zhonghua car was designed mastermind by Mr. Giugiano, world famous designer; the complete car performance verification was tested and appraised by the British MIRA Company-international authority institute; the four engineering process plants of press, weld, paint, assembly were provided by SCHULER, KUKA, DURR, SCHENCK etc., world famous automobile equipment manufacturing companies; the parts were commissioned to have been developed by international famous automobile parts companies and procured globally to ensure the supply of high quality parts and components.

The MIRA is the world famous third party test verification institute. From 1999 to 2001, Zhonghua car was done with 68 items of tests in MIRA. These tests include engine suspension comparison test, complete car performance appraisal, crash tests, body sealing test, driving comfort test, BIW torsion and bending stiffness test, etc.

In cooperation with MIRA, Zhonghua car was gone through the climate and weather test. In Heilongjiang under -450C, Qingzang Plateau above 4,800 m over the sea, Hainan of 380C high temperature and high humidity, Zhonghua car ran 100,000 KM, with 19 items of tests. Besides, it passed the national 34 items of obligatory tests and homologation test to verify the perfect performance and high reliability of Zhonghua car.

Most of the components and parts of Zhonghua car came from “famous family”. Among them, the important assemblies such as brake, steering, suspension system were designed and developed respectively by TRW Company, ZF Company, LEMFORDER Company of Germany. To ensure the quality of the parts and components, Zhonghua car was done with the tests of aging, vibration, salty fog, etc. And the complete car was done with the road test of 150,000KM to verify the life span of the parts.

Since its marketing, some models of new cars of Zhonghua car has been launched to the market. Zhonghua 2.0L car that was launched to the market in first batch has the following features:

Safe performance

Safety is basis of auto product. In safety performance, Zhonghua car is unique. Besides four channel ABS, flat built wide-section tyres, anti-collision rods of four doors, even in the case that Zhonghua car was not equipped with safety airbag, it ensured the safety of passengers in maximum degree from the aspect of its design and configuration.

  • Design of longitudinal beam in energy absorb area: as car crashing occurs, part impact force can be absorbed through corrugation of the head of longitudinal beam, so that residual impact force to the passengers is greatly reduced, especially second impact.
  • Design of steering column: the special four grades energy absorbing structure can ensure the energy absorption in crash and reduce the backward movement of the steering column to reduce injure of the driver in crash in some degree.
  • Front and rear disc brake: this structure can effectively arrange double braking system so that the system has good reliability and safety. Since disc brake is adopted both in front and rear wheels, the braking force distribution coefficient is stable, therefore the brake stability is ensured.
  • Front and rear multi connection rod, complete independent suspension system: It has good operational stability and seating comfortableness. Accurately adjusted five connection rods mechanism and shock absorber system can reduce the vibration passed from the ground to a degree that is comfortable to human body, meanwhile ensure accurate operation reaction. When car was turning at high speed, the rear suspension will result turning with its inertia subsequently, so that the complete car reduces the tendency of excessive turn to avoid the following situation of dangerous driving.
  • Fuel cut switch: In crash the earth connection of fuel pump will be cut off to stop the fuel supply. In the meantime, the center door lock switch on, interior lights and exterior danger warning lamp will light up, so avoid farther injury by all means.

Elegant styling

  • Zhanghua car has designed by George Alloy, a famous automotive designer from Italy. It is as luxurious as BMW and LEXUS and HYUNDAI.
  • Its styling design is elegant and decent, which is specified for Chinese consumers. The length of Zhonghua car is 488 cm. Its interior design also provides wider space. Its styling design is motional shape in accordance with Chinese consumers’ individuation idiosyncrasy.
  • With particular aesthetic design and streamline, Zhuanghua car has reduced the wind noises and windage, completely improved the stability of high-speed driving.
  • The complete headlamps with multi-curvature gem designed is fall in love at first sight.

Strong Power

  • Zhanghua car installed the Mitsubishi 4G63S4M multipoint order electrical controlled injection engine improved on. The standard fuel consumption is 6.5L per hundred kilometers. With the integral power assembly and the equipped power steering system, these arrangement can set a driver run freely.
  • Equipped with 4-cylinder, 16-valve multi-spark order electrical controlled injection system has strong power and runs calmly.

Comfort Enjoy

  • Such model car has multi-dimensional adjusting system for the seats, which these system let you enjoy driving and running pleasure;
  • Double-balanced shafts design on the engine could absorb shake and reduce noise, make drive and seating peacefully and quite;
  • Excellent acoustic system and soft comfortable deluxe materials on interior trim make you enjoy driving and riding pleasure and warmth.

Economy and environmental protection

  • Best grade engine having environmental protection feature with strong power and low fuel consumption: 2.0L displacement, 95 Kw/6000 revolution/min, 6.5L fuel consumption per hundred kilometers.
  • Primary unite duel-fuels engine design and perfect matching could protect environment effectively
  • Multi-spark electrical controlled injection system, three-way catalytic converter system, its exhaust emission control have met the EuropeⅡStandard, which such type engine is economical and saves on fuel.

Advanced technology

  • The matching part system of the complete car has been adopted global purchasing. Integration the world wisdom services the Zhonghua car.
  • The BMW technical staffs provide technical support all the ways to the manufacture of Zhonghua car.

The price of Zhonghua car, standard model product in the former marketing is 169,800 RMB. Such model car matched 2.0 L Mitsubishi 4G63S4 with 16-valve engine and manual transmission. The Max. velocity is over 190 kilos per hour and the standard fuel consumption is below 6.5L per hundred kilometers. Its displacement accords with the EuropeanⅡStandard. The Zhonghua car is equipped with ABS, engine burglarproof system, power steering, center-controlled lock, electrical doors and windows, single CD player and etc. Now, there are 15 different color Zhonghua cars, provided for consumers make choice.

On March 29, 2003, Zhonghua launched its new product again. Zhonghua Deluxe 2.4L sedan and Zhonghua Deluxe 2.0 L sedan came into market officially.

Zhonghua car 2.4 L sedan still uses the dignity and refined styling design of Zhonghua. Furthermore, It made a great improvement in power and interior trim aspects. This model sedan selected the Mitsubishi 4G64S4M engine. Meanwhile, In addition, it also installs double safety air bags, electrical rearview mirror, headlamps adjustment advice, engine burglarproof system, 8 CDs, 8 speaker and other new fittings. The interior trim material is not only beautiful but also utility. It also used new type environmental protection material – hemp fiber on the inside boards of sedan doors, roof pad and baggage compartment, compared with common plastic material used by car, this hemp material is more healthy material and has environmental protection function. But its price is only 188,800 RMB. And these features of performances compared with its price have been the embodiment in this model sedan incisively and vividly. Zhonghua Deluxe 2.0L sedan, which has been launched in the market with Zhonghua Deluxe 2.4 L sedan at the same time, adds safety air bag and other new arrangements based on original Zhonghua 2.0L car arrangement, and provide a lot of choices in the products pattern for the consumers.

The current launched Zhonghua “Wind” 2.0AT car is a new product that integrated results from entire new technology revolution. It is not simple for addition new arrangement or change MT into AT operation system to the Zhonghua car, but it is a complete new designed and optimized product in the way of performance, operation, control capability and security.