2005: Showcase of Selected Entrants

In the early years, the themes to Michelin Challenge Design focused on exploring and celebrating the unique style that each region brings to the automotive design industry. Through this program, participant designers celebrated the philosophy, heritage and excitement of German automotive design by entering designs that demonstrated the influence of German design, events, people and icons.

The jury selected 12 scale models and 28 renderings for the Michelin Challenge Design 2005 North American International Auto Show display. Participation from OEMs included several full-size vehicles: Opel Insignia Concept, Mercedes-Benz F500 Mind, and Volkswagen Concept R.”

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Full Size Vehicles on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Opel Insignia OPEL
Entry: Opel Insignia
Design Team: Opel
Country: Germany

2. F500 Mind DaimlerChrysler
Entry: F500 Mind
Design Team: DaimlerChrysler
Country: Germany

3. Concept R Volkswagen
Entry: Concept R
Design Team: Volkswagen
Country: Germany


Scale Models on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Mobility for the Next Generation Jonas Sandstrom
Entry: Mobility for the Next Generation
Design Team: Jonas Sandstrom
Country: Sweden

2. j-car Wen Chieh
Entry: j-car
Design Team: Wen Chieh, Massey University
Peter Skerten (Workshop Tutor)
Bryn Chapple (Project Tutor)
Country: New Zealand

3. Busphere Carlos Alfredo Pereyra
Entry: Busphere
Design Team: Carlos Alfredo Pereyra, Freddy Concept Bus
Country: Argentina

4. Framer Jaka Verbic
Entry: Framer
Design Team: Jaka Verbic
Country: Slovenia

5. Audi A1 Steven van der Veen
Entry: Audi A1
Design Team: Steven van der Veen
Country: Netherlands

6. TP (Three Passengers) Dan Ka
Entry: TP (Three Passengers)
Design Team: Dan Ka
Country: China

7. Boom Soo Yeon Choi & Sung Hoon Kim
Entry: Boom
Design Team: Soo Yeon Choi & Sung Hoon Kim
Country: South Korea

8. GOL Sport Space Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Entry: GOL Sport Space
Design Team: Carlos Carvalho
Country: Brazil

9. BMW - Invincible Sumit Sharma
Entry: BMW – Invincible
Design Team: Sumit Sharma
Country: USA

10. Green Point Wang Jin Dong
Entry: Green Point
Design Team: Wang Jin Dong, Original Designer, Scale Model
Xu Xun, Designer, Computer Modeling Graphics
Charles Jin Han, Engineering Support
Qin yan ding, Scale Model Assistant
Zheng Chen, Communications, Logistics
Country: China

11. Barcelona Raymond Hwang
Entry: Barcelona
Design Team: Raymond Hwang
Country: Canada

12. LIZARD Michael Cerva
Design Team: Michael Cerva
Country: Czech Republic


2D Renderings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

1. Bach Artem Neretin
Entry: Bach
Design Team: Artem Neretin
Country: Russia

2. VW Microbox Ryszard Szymanski
Entry: VW Microbox
Design Team: Ryszard Szymanski
Country: Poland

3. Nexus Waldemar Namyslo
Entry: Nexus
Design Team: Waldemar Namyslo
Country: Germany

4. La Magia Silver Arrows Super Sport Diego La Magia
Entry: La Magia Silver Arrows Super Sport
Design Team: Diego La Magia
Country: Sweden

5. Whaszat Diego La Magia
Entry: Whaszat
Design Team: Diego La Magia
Country: Sweden

6. COD Alejandro Vaca Torres
Entry: COD
Design Team: Alejandro Vaca Torres
Country: Germany

7. The Hauler Vincent Gardner
Entry: The Hauler
Design Team: Vincent E. Gardner
Country: USA

8. Latko Michael Latko
Entry: Latko
Design Team: Michael Latko
Country: Poland

9. Golf GTI for Young Generation Byung Kang Cho
Entry: Golf GTI for Young Generation
Design Team: Byung Kang Cho
Country: United Kingdom

10. Couplix Aman Midha
Entry: Couplix
Design Team: Aman Midha
Country: India

11. Samir 2005 Samir Suleymanov
Entry: Samir 2005
Design Team: Samir Suleymanov
Country: Azerbaijan

12. Baby SUV Byung Kang Cho
Entry: Baby SUV
Design Team: Byung Kang Cho
Country: United Kingdom

13. Volkswagen Golf Radu Vasilescu
Entry: Volkswagen Golf
Design Team: Radu Vasilescu, Macrom Design
Country: USA

14. BMW P7 Richard Vink
Entry: BMW P7
Design Team: Richard Vink
Country: Netherlands

15. BMW DECA Wesley Rhoad
Design Team: Wesley Rhoad
Country: USA

16. ISG Fang Liang Zhu
Entry: ISG
Design Team: Fang Liang Zhu
Country: United Kingdom

17. Audi Nurburgring Anthony Sims 
Entry: Audi Nurburgring
Design Team: Anthony Sims
Country: USA

18. Audi Luthe Paolo Corcagnani
Entry: Audi Luthe
Design Team: Diego La Magia
Country: Sweden

19. Gothan Ricardo Dillon
Entry: Gothan
Design Team: Ricardo Dillon
Country: Argentina

20. Concept Beetle III Omar Pirela
Entry: Concept Beetle III
Design Team: Omar Pirela
Country: Venezuela

21. Big Follows Small Julien Bilodeau
Entry: Big Follows Small
Design Team: Julien Bilodeau
Country: Canada

22. Audi RS Concept Andrej Stanta
Entry: Audi RS Concept
Design Team: Andrej Stanta
Country: Slovenia

23. 2C Shen Yi & Wang Wei
Entry: 2C
Design Team: Shen Yi & Wang We
Country: China

24. German Tent Huang Xuefei & Peng Youyou
Entry: German Tent
Design Team: Huang Xuefei & Pang Youyou
Country: China

25. Jorge Rios Concept Vehicle Jorge Rios
Entry: Jorge Rios Concept Vehicle
Design Team: Jorge Rios
Country: Spain

26. eCOBile+ Je-Sung Ahn
Entry: eCOBile+
Design Team: Je-Sung Ahn
Country: South Korea

27. ICIAN A Concept Michael Heasman
Entry: ICIAN A Concept
Design Team: Michale Heasman
Country: United Kingdom

28. APEX Alexei Gontsov
Entry: APEX
Design Team: Alexei Gontsov
Country: Republic of Moldova