2C by Shen Yi and Wang Wei, China

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


The 2C’s designers, Shen Yi and Wang Wei, both graduated with a degree in industrial design from the School of Design, Hunan University, China. Shen Yi is now working in a Web design office and Wang Wei is studying in a postgraduate program.


“German design” not only means precise function and compact expression but also means romantic funny design. And there are many well-known vehicle design cases in German companies and German designers such as VW’s Beetles. As a foreign designer, I want to add more funny humanity in vehicle design. My concept named “Camping-Caterpillar”, which can be abbreviated to “2C”, comes from a little caterpillar fed by me. Its flexible body enlightens me to use in vehicle design. My design is a “Green Van”, which is a hydro-driving, more than six seats for confronting the energy crisis. Another reason for using hydro-driving engine is the nature parks all over green Germany. I want to design a camping van used in the countryside. The flexible body presents funny shapes as well as functional creations. I wish “2C”could express a health, funny and green view of modern life in Germany.