Audi Nurburgring by Anthony Sims, USA

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Attending his last year of high school, Anthony Sims is quickly entering the automobile design scene. With a curriculum aimed at pursuing a career in design, he already has years of experience with CAD related programs. His work can be seen on various web sites such as and, along with his personal web site. The Michelin Challenge will be the second national design contest he has entered and the first in which he has been accepted. He plans to attend a design college in the fall of 2005.


German design has always symbolized the ideas of “form follows function.” Its history has been known for including only the essentials. Each part has an important function, but also mirrors the beauty and innovative perfection of German Design. As one of the oldest manufacturers of Germany, Audi has established its own legends in history. Formerly Auto Union, the famous Silver Arrows set the standards for racing we know today, competing on equally famous tracks such as Nurburgring. My design will be aimed at continuing Audi’s history of racing domination. In collaboration with Michelin, this high performance racecar will run on entirely spoke less wheels, quickening the ever so important pit stops. A central frame will allow the full glass cockpit for enhanced viewing and the grill, which stretches the whole front portion of the car, will allow exceptional cooling to the engine. Custom molded body panels can also be added to cover up the grill as needed. With its simple styling and crafty innovation, the Audi Nurburgring embraces the ideas of form follows function.